A Cherished Memory

Your Life Stories Are Your Living Legacy. We'll Help You Tell Them.



I-ASK is an international network of genealogists, personal historians, photo scanning specialists along with other legacy and heritage professionals who are committed to preserving and sharing the history of our times. Everyday, day, our individual and shared heritages slip away with the passing of our elders. And once they’ve gone, their memories, their wisdom and their unique view of life disappears with them.  I-Ask StoryKeepers come from all walks of life with one single goal in mind; to help you tell your story the way you want it to be remembered.

I-ASK members complete an educational program before they become Certified Legacy Advisors.  This training ensures that each Certified Legacy Advisor understands and can implement the Living Legacy Project program as well as the individualized Legacy Matters programs.  Armed with this certification and proven pathways to revenue, members enjoy the enrichment of their work and the opportunities to build or expand a high quality client base.

Do you have a passion for capturing the stories, events and memories of a lifetime? Love history? Joining I-ASK might be right for you. Read more about us here.


 i-ask-alone-lg  Wendy Gunderson, owner of A Cherished Memory is a proud member of the International Association of Storykeepers. Interested in a career as a Certified Legacy Advisor? Details here.